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Outreach Testimonies

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Ben Wong

Each month, a portion of the offerings which Antioch receives is set aside for supporting local outreach. In this post, Eric shares an update with us on what has been happening recently at the ministry and how your contiunal support is making a difference one life at a time. 




Hello everyone! It has been a little more than a year ago since I have written to you about the Local Outreach at Bishan. Many wonderful things have happened since.

A New Level

On April 2015, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, I started reaching out to another level in the block. It was an exciting fresh start because every level is different. Each one has its own culture to learn from scratch.

With the experience gained from the previous level and by following the Holy Spirit, relationships in this new floor were built quickly. I would like to share with you briefly about two people whom I felt particularly connected to.

Teaching the Bible

The first person is an auntie who was like a 'lost sheep' Jesus spoke about in the Bible. She knew Jesus, but the only thing she knew about Jesus was that He is good. Someone had planted the seed, but nobody watered it.

I also had difficulty communicating with her as she spoke in a Chinese dialect that I was not familiar with.

That was when God prompted me to introduce Ruth to her. It turned out that Ruth could perfectly understand the dialect! Over time, the auntie really began to like us and she then agreed to have Ruth to do a weekly bible study with her. Since then, the auntie has been growing in Christ. I am glad God gave us the opportunity to meet her!

Sharing the Gospel

The second person is also another auntie, but she was not a believer. When I first met her, she was going through a difficult time. As I have been through some tough times personally and found that God was always there for me, I shared my testimonies with her to encourage her. After a few months of listening and encouraging, she became comfortable to share with me on the specifics of her personal struggles in life. I knew that was the opportunity God had given me to share the gospel with her and so I did.

It is one thing to hear about Jesus from the media, it is another to know Jesus personally from the bible. Through our conversations, this auntie said she felt something was different about the Jesus I spoke about compared to the ideas she had initially about Jesus. This really got her interested and so she started reading the bible for herself to know Jesus personally also!

Word of Thanks

Working in the field is tiring, but moments of breakthrough such as these give me an immeasurable amount of joy to carry on. On behalf of the 24 families that are currently receiving the drinks and biscuits once every week, thank you so much for your continuous support for them. These gifts do mean a lot to them in every little way.

Please continue to keep me in your prayers that I will have wisdom in outreaching to these families, some of which are just so close to receiving the gospel! Until next time!



This article was written by Eric Siu.

Eric is currently studying at a local university and gives much of his free time towards serving in the church. He does the weekly outreach, helps out in the youth ministry as well as serves in the worship team.