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Course Duration:  3 months (June - August, 2020)

  • Orientation: June (Sunday before classes start) 

  • Classes begin: 1st week of June (Tuesday)

  • Sessions may be conducted in Singapore, Cambodia, and other countries

    as the Holy Spirit leads.



It is our goal to bring the student to a level of understanding and preparation sufficient for successful functioning in a cross-cultural environment with the purpose of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and making disciples of the people of all nations.

Description of Course

This will be a rigorous and disciplined time of training of short duration yet potent content and structure to maximize the time spent in the mission environment. No previous missions experience or Bible training is necessary. The student must be saved, water baptized and Spirit filled to enroll in the program with his or her home church and pastor’s consent.  We have room for all interested, qualified students for the MWC Summer Missionary Training Program: “The Core”, to be housed in Singapore and serve practical ministry time in Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, India or Indonesia.

Structure of Program

  • 9 weeks of classroom training

  • 180 hours of total training in the classroom

  • 108 hours of Bible

  • 4 days a week of classroom, and 2 days a week of hands on ministry and outreach

  • 12 days of cultural immersion at the end of the 9 weeks of classroom training in the nations chosen or assigned.

  • Course notes will be available in digital files or paper.

Expectations for Students' Activities

  • Daily Bible reading as per schedule, mandatory

  • Prayer as a group at home before each day

  • Outline done each day to be handed in each morning of class, 4 outlines a week

  • Complete submission to the house leader and ministry team leaders of MWC

  • Attendance of all classes and ministry activities or expulsion from program

  • Prompt arrival at class without tardiness, no exceptions

  • Cooperation with all rules and regulations of the Dormitory rooms in Singapore is a must.

Age Restrictions

Eligible students are between 18 and 100 years of age. MWC reserves the right to make exceptions to the rules.



Each student must be able to cover expenses for their travel to and from Singapore and trips to surrounding nations, including lodging. 


Students traveling from out of the country to Singapore to attend the summer program will need to bring US$300 for housing expenses. 


Each student must be able to cover the cost of their food while here in Singapore.

The expenses of the student, other than those listed, are for his or her personal comforts and needs, such as toiletries, entertainment, sight-seeing etc. This includes Bibles and notebooks for class, Mobile phones, Laptops (recommended) etc.  Students are responsible for their own expenses.


We have seen as cheap as $1200 for a roundtrip ticket, but the student must take care to make sure to buy a ticket with duration of course in mind, (3 months: June  through August).


The student must arrive in Singapore one week before classes startsThis applies to all participants living outside Singapore.

It is compulsory to attend the Orientation for full-time students.

For students coming from overseas: your departure date from Singapore should be anytime during the week immediately after the graduation date in August.

What to Bring

It is recommended that the student travel light. The lesser the better is a basic truth in missions. Virtually anything is available in Singapore. The only thing we suggest for larger size wearing individuals is that he or she brings undergarments. There are not many large sizes in Singapore. Asians are generally smaller.

Students are responsible to bring their own Bibles and notebooks for class, Mobile phones, Laptops (recommended) etc. 


In the classes the dress is casual, even shorts and T-shirts are fine. However, in certain ministry environments the student may be required to wear a suit, jacket and tie. For women this would be a nice “church dress”. Please do not wear provocative or revealing clothing to class. If you do not have a suit we suggest buying one here. A jacket and pants with tie can be obtained for about US$150.


MWC and Antioch Centre for The Nations will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by the student, medical, dental, etc. In the case of breaches of law in Singapore, penalties are severe; trafficking of drugs and firearms is punishable by death. It is a controlled and disciplined environment. Any fines or legal problems are the responsibility of the student. In the event of accidental death or martyrdom the extradition of remains is the responsibility of the family or church of the student and not MWC nor Antioch Centre for The Nations. The student will be required to sign a statement to this effect. 

We will assist in every way possible, but will not accept responsibility and not be liable for student’s debts.

Each candidate must be approved by Steven Nicaud before accepted into the program. 

For further information concerning applications for overseas candidates, please contact Sylvia Lea by e-mail; SYLLEA4JC@GMAIL.COM or Facebook ( as soon as possible. 

Those who wish to join in as part-time participants, or for other enquiries, please follow the link below.

* Subject to changes.