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Encounter with God

God came to Moses in the burning bush and met Paul in the blinding light in the road of Darmacus. Each of us has an amazing story to tell and here are some of the testimonies.

How I Ran Into God

Ben Wong

The Starting Line

I had been an atheist for most of my life. Though I respected people’s beliefs, I viewed religion as an emotional or mental help for those who needed it. Even when my Christian friends brought me to  church, I thought that it felt like a brainwashing session.

Things started to change while I was in national service. I made a good friend in camp and found out later he was a Christian. We would often talk to each other and have discussions about faith late into the night. When it was time for him to leave (he was granted deferment for medical studies), he gave me a Bible as a farewell gift. I didn’t know what to do with it so I left it at the back of my cupboard.

Alvin's BMT days.

Alvin's BMT days.

A short while later, I found out that a good secondary school friend, Eric, had recently became a Christian. Out of curiosity, I asked him why and listened as he told me his testimony. I also started to read my bible which my army friend had given me and and I found that the principles that Jesus taught were good. God was working to open my heart, though I was not yet ready to believe in Him.

Running into God

One morning, I woke up and left my house in a hurry as I had arranged to go jogging with a friend. Despite my effort to rush, I was still late. My friend started jogging first as we had a prior arrangement to meet up somewhere along the route at a certain point if either one of us was late. So I started jogging to make my way there but after a few minutes under the hot sun, I started feeling faint.

Thinking I was just out of shape, I ignored it and carried on. However, it became worse and I was starting to get dizzy. That’s when I realised this was a sign of dehydration. In my rush, I had failed to properly hydrate myself.. I quickly headed for a shelter to rest hoping I would get better.

But it didn’t, everything felt worse than before. I tried several times to stand up and get help, but I couldn’t get back on my feet. Hope came when my friend was jogging along our route and found me there. Neither of us had our handphones to call an ambulance, so my friend left to try to find help. Meanwhile, I started to faint; all I could see was white light. I knew that the moment I lost consciousness, I would be dead. In my desperation I cried out, “Save me, God!”.

Immediately my vision cleared and I could see again! Not only that, but I was no longer dizzy or faint. It was as if nothing had happened. My friend who was unable to find help came back and he was shocked to see me completely well. I have no doubt God saved me from severe dehydration.

A New Route

Alvin's Baptism.

Alvin's Baptism.

This miracle became an anchor to my walk with Christ. Every time I start to doubt God, I remember this miracle and what God had done for me. Jesus is real and I know He is my Saviour, in more ways than one. 




Alvin Wang is a student in the Antioch Missions Training Program 2016. Though a fairly new believer and member of Antioch, Alvin is eager to serve Jesus and actively helps out in the church when opportunities present themselves.